Hair Drug Testing

A hair follicle drug test popularly known as hair drug test is used to screen for illicit drug use and the misuse of prescription medication. To put it simply, the hair shall be taken from your head by cutting it with a pair of scissors. The sample is then analysed for drug use specifically looking for signs of methampethamine, PCP, marijuana, ecstasy, ampethamine, cocaine, and opiods. This test is actually more advanced since it can detect drug usage for the last 90 days whereas the urine screen test can only reach up to the last 3 days or so. This test is actually being used more often now! If you want to discover more about this, then do not hesitate to click here for more. You can click here for more info.

The test can happen in a hospital setting or just in an analytical laboratory. You can also do this anywhere by purchasing a kit to be sent to the analytical lab afterwards. If in the event that you are required to take the test, then you will need to have supervision while performing it. The accuracy of the test will not be affected even if you wash your hair, have your hair dyed, or use any styling process. It is essential to confirm your identity first before the collector will proceed to the hair gathering process. The collector often takes away hair from different areas so you will not worry of going bald. If you don’t have enough hair then body hair can be utilized. Overnight testing is done to analyse the results.

A negative result can be determined within 24 hours of hair removal. Extra tests are performed in case you get a positive result. It takes 72 hours to confirm a positive result. GC/MS is used to specify the drugs used.

If you want to ensure that you will get a positive result then you might be interested in trying out the macujo method. The first step in this method is to stop using drugs if you use it all. Then, you need to wet your hair until it is damp not really soaking wet. Work some Heintz vinegar into your hair and include the scalp. Salicylic acid should be present in your shampoo. Place a shower cap on the mixture and leave it on for about 30 minutes. After that span of time, you may now proceed with your normal hair washing routine. Follow up a second washing using detergent like tide and completely rinse it off. Just like that you will have thoroughly clean hair after seven steps.

There are lots of people who attest to how effective this method is. Upon continuous usage of this method, the results have been found to be more efficient. You can check out testimonials from various online sites like Pass USA. Also, here’ show to pass a hair follicle test: